International services

  1. We ensure medical visa & ticket in prospective country for patient & for attendant within 24 -48 hours.
  2. We give specialist doctor appointment for patient.
  3. In severe cases or operative cases we make all essential hospital arrangements.
  4. We arrange residence, food & travel facilities for patients & for attendant.
  5. After completing medical tour patient come to country under our surveillance. So there is no glimpse of risk for them.
  6. After returning to your country, we facilitate in getting any follow-up opinions with your doctor.


  1. Telemedicine: Emergency local telemedicine service in Bangladesh. A recognized Doctor is 24/7 prepared to help you.
  2. AIR Ambulance: 24/7 AIR Ambulance service recently inaugurated by E-Hospital. So at any emergency condition our service is ready to catch you at any time.
  3. Door to door medical treatment: A new project launch by us, to facilitate recognized dr. treatment at your home in just one call to us at any time. Primarily now the project is only available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Soon it will reach all over the country.
  4. Free medical camp: We organize free medical camp by reputed foreign & local doctors in all over the country.
  5. Health care for all: A donation based program, for those who are not economically able to treat themselves. We raise fund & make all other steps to treat them in best possible way.
  6. Industrial Healthcare: We took all medical & treatment responsibility of every person in industry/company. We have a panel of 45 recognized doctors, who always ready to give service to your industry/company.